Are You Ready to Select an S&OP Vendor? RFP Help Is Here


RFPimageSelecting a software vendor can feel like running a gauntlet. Big budgets are at stake, and oftentimes, choosing a vendor who can help a company achieve its business goals directly affects the career trajectory of those who have made the vendor selection.

The selection of a sales and operations planning (S&OP) solutions provider is no different. Multiple factors must be weighed in the decision-making process. Internal stakeholders have to align on a selection, and it’s often challenging for companies to know exactly what kind of technology and services they require to be truly successful at S&OP. It’s a daunting task, to be sure.

Creating a request for proposal (RFP) serves as a critical step in choosing an S&OP solutions provider. An RFP enables you to measure all vendors on the same criteria to ensure that they can meet your goals, and allows you to leverage better control over the vendor selection process.

But how do you get started in creating an RFP for an S&OP solutions provider?

Steelwedge is here to help. We’ve designed an RFP template to help you consider and rate key functionalities that an S&OP solution must have, and includes guidelines for considering important profile features that an S&OP solution vendor must have.

Some highlights of this S&OP RFP tool:

  1. S&OP Solution – Illustrates the requirement for a cross-functional planning environment to support S&OP stakeholders and their planning terms.
  2. Key Functionality – Over 50 key functional requirements for S&OP technology to help drive agility and adoption of your S&OP process. Use the scoring criteria to compare vendors and determine the best fit for your organization.
  3. Solution Profile – Key considerations when evaluating S&OP technology, vendor expertise and focus.


Download the RFP template by clicking here.

In addition, Steelwedge hosted a webinar entitled “S&OP RFP 101:
Evaluating Your ERP Vendor’s Solution vs. the Best-of-Breed,” which can be accessed on-demand here. This webinar is designed for companies considering implementing collaborative S&OP technology who need to understand how to overcome common business, technical and organizational challenges. S&OP experts discuss recommended project phase components and key project milestones, as well as the inherent value found in the newest features and functionality.

These two resources will get you well on your way to creating the S&OP RFP that’s right for your company.

Do you have any RFP best practices to share? Let us know in the comments section.