Lauren Bossers

Director of Digital and Content Marketing

As the director of digital and content marketing, Lauren is responsible for marketing communication, public relations, customer references, and social media at Steelwedge. She brings 14 years of experience in marketing for the supply chain management industry to her role. Prior to joining Steelwedge, she held positions in marketing at i2, Kinaxis, and Tata Consultancy Services.

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Are You Ready to Select an S&OP Vendor? RFP Help Is Here

Selecting a software vendor can feel like running a gauntlet. Big budgets are at stake, and oftentimes, choosing a vendor who can help a company achieve its business goals directly affects the career trajectory of those who have made the vendor selection. The selection of a sales and operations planning (S&OP) solutions provider is no […]

Corporate Social Responsibility at Work: Steelwedge and the Government Primary School, Borabanda, Hyderabad

With a major office in Hyderabad, Steelwedge recognized that there were significant opportunities to help improve the community there. So in January 2014, as part of its corporate social responsibility program, Steelwedge began working with Government Primary School (GPS), Borabanda. Our talented and dedicated workforce in the Hyderabad office has taken on this project with […]

Got Cloud? The Most Advanced Supply Chains Do

What do companies who have an advanced supply chain do differently than their less mature counterparts? A recent report from Gartner (in partnership with Supply Chain Digest) provides one clear insight into a competitive differentiator: The more advanced a company’s supply chain is, the more likely it is to have acquired cloud-based systems. The results […]

Why Are So Many SAP and JDA Customers Still Using Spreadsheets for Supply Chain Planning?

In a recent article authored by Lora Cecere, she stated that nine manufacturing clients she worked with in the span of a week are all still using spreadsheets for planning—despite the fact that they’ve spent millions on the implementation of SAP and JDA supply chain planning software. So why are few companies using planning software they’ve invested so […]

S&OP Analytics: Reports vs. Dashboards

This blog post was authored by Kaushal Dave, Product Marketing Manager, Steelwedge. Your sales and operations planning (S&OP) data needs to make sense, and knowing the difference between an S&OP report and an interactive S&OP dashboard—and when each should be used—can help you organize your data in a way that is both comprehensible and accessible. While […]

Kemira Selects Steelwedge for Global Demand Planning and Supply/Demand Balancing

Steelwedge is proud to add Kemira, a chemicals company serving customers in water-intensive industries, to its prestigious customer list. Kemira chose Steelwedge to support global demand planning and supply/demand balancing based on the solution’s user-friendliness and flexibility to support the end-to-end S&OP process and cross-functional collaboration. Steelwedge’s expertise in implementing S&OP for global supply chains was also […]

Driving Superior Business Performance Through Supply Chain Innovation: SCMI Spring Symposium

Steelwedge is proud to participate in the University of San Diego’s 3rd Annual Supply Chain Management Institute Spring Symposium, which will be held April 14-15, 2014 at the university. Ed Lewis, Steelwedge Vice President of Product Marketing and Planning, will serve as a panelist on a discussion entitled, “How Technology is Enabling and Driving Supply Chain […]