Michelle Jones

Vice President, Alliances

Michelle is responsible for developing and advancing global and regional strategic consulting and technology alliances to deliver added value to our customers. She brings more than 15 years of experience in multinational channel strategy and implementation to her role at Steelwedge.

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S&OP: The Tug of War Between Cutting Costs and the Pursuit of Growth

Too many priorities. It’s a problem most of us face at some point in both our personal and professional lives. Organizations are no different. Executives in Sales, Operations, and Finance across industries will tell you they have too many priorities and face challenges like: Choosing the right priorities—those that align with corporate strategy and financial […]

Steelwedge Sales Pipeline Bridge: Now on Salesforce1 AppExchange

It’s an exciting time for Steelwedge, our partners and our customers. Cloud computing is on the rise. More and more companies are not only adopting cloud technologies, but making cloud a strategic priority. As the leader in cloud Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) solutions, Steelwedge understands better than most how the cloud, coupled with social […]

Women in Supply Chain: Is The Gap Narrowing?

By all accounts, the gap between men and women in IT is narrowing. (At least that’s what I hear.) I read article after article stating roles and salaries for women in IT are on more of an equal footing with our male peers than ever before. That is GREAT news and might just be because […]

Women in Technology: The Balancing Act

The day I sat down at my desk to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to write this post resembled most weekdays when I am not traveling. Walk with the dog at 5:30 am, then feed her and our twenty-two pound cat. Coffee. Juggle roles as channel partner, software vendor, customer, kid taxi and herder […]

Partner Perspectives: Got Agility?

Partnership, as defined by Wikipedia, is “an arrangement where parties agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests.” I believe the fundamental reasons people and organizations establish partnerships, including software vendors and channel partners, have not changed. It’s collaboration for mutual benefit and, most importantly, to drive value for our customers. Always the pragmatist, I did […]

Partner Perspectives: The Shift to the Cloud

We live in a more complex and interdependent business environment than ever before. Companies large and small must navigate a sea of economic, political and environmental change, and respond to that change without compromising the delicate balance among supply, demand and profitability. We know that customers work with Steelwedge because our cloud-based integrated business planning […]