Corporate Social Responsibility at Work: Steelwedge and the Government Primary School, Borabanda, Hyderabad


With a major office in Hyderabad, Steelwedge recognized that there were significant opportunities to help improve the community there. So in January 2014, as part of its corporate social responsibility program, Steelwedge began working with Government Primary School (GPS), Borabanda. Our talented and dedicated workforce in the Hyderabad office has taken on this project with great passion and enthusiasm, contributing time to share knowledge by leading training and instructional classes to the students at GPSB Borabanda.

GPSB classroom

Steelwedge connected with GPS Borabanda after contacting government education body Rajiv Vidya Mission for a school recommendation. After visits to various schools, Steelwedge chose to work with GPSB for several reasons: the school lacked resources and staff; the school was never approached by any other corporation or organization for any collaborative quality-enhancement or infrastructure development project; and despite a lack of amenities, the school’s average attendance rate is 78%.

About the Government Primary School, Borabanda

Government Primary School in Sai Baba Nagar, Borabanda is the only government-run primary school for more than 800 families in the slum-like municipal area of Borabanda in Hyderabad.

The school opened in 2000 under the Government of India education policy of providing free education for all. The primary school serves children in classes 1 to 5 via English, Telugu and Urdu. The school welcomes any child eager to learn and join the academic community. Classes include English, Telugu, math, and environmental studies, which includes both social studies and science. Six teachers and one principal comprise the staff.

Government Primary School, Borabanda: Student Profile

  • Parents: typically working odd jobs such as drivers, cleaners, laundry-helpers, domestic servants.
  • Monthly household income of parents: US$150 USD with both parents working.
  • Monthly household income if children of the family work too: US$200-250
  • Student Age Profile: 5 – 10 yrs
  • No. of students in English Medium: 75
  • No. of students in Telugu Medium: 100
  • No. of students in Urdu Medium: 55

GPSB maintains an objective to dissuade parents from sending children to work and encourages them to keep children in school for the long-term benefit to their families, for a better future for the children and to improve the community.

GPSB class

The Mid-day Meal Scheme, a government-run meal program, offers the students meals for free every weekday. This has been a successful program, keeping children in school and preventing malnourishment.

The school aims to recruit more students from the neighborhood and give them a chance at education.

Steelwedge Workshops to Date

Steelwedge and GPS Borabanda have together launched a quality enhancement program to benefit the students of the school. Through this program, Steelwedge will make its resources available through activities such as workshops, competitions, lectures, video screening, mentoring programs, and tailor-made learning initiatives. These programs are included in the curriculum of the school alongside the prescribed government curriculum.

The goal is to expose students to a variety of subject and offer basic understanding and knowledge of skills that could benefit students greatly in secondary and higher schools.

GPSB student

So far, 8 workshops have been successfully held:

  • Inter-class drawing competition
  • Our Country: Our World
  • Spoken English Lessons
  • Our Food: Our Health
  • Reading the Clock
  • Symmetry (Mathematics)
  • Child Rights

Infrastructure and Other Needs

GPS Borabanda has recently moved into a new government building, and though it is an improvement from the prior building, it still lacks basic infrastructure and funds to make necessary improvements. The following is a list of infrastructural needs that the school lacks

  • Fencing, tables, chairs and benches, school bell
  • Supplies – safe drinking water, hand sanitizer, tissues, etc.
  • Technology needs: computers with Internet
  • Library
  • Teaching aides such as maps, charts, and projectors

Learn More

Steelwedge has created social media pages for GPS Borabanda, where you can learn more about the school:




We’re honored to play a role in improving the lives of students at GPS Borabanda. We’d love to hear about other corporate social responsibility programs and help spread the good word. Tell us what your company is doing in the comments section.