S&OP: The Tug of War Between Cutting Costs and the Pursuit of Growth


tug of warToo many priorities. It’s a problem most of us face at some point in both our personal and professional lives. Organizations are no different. Executives in Sales, Operations, and Finance across industries will tell you they have too many priorities and face challenges like:

  • Choosing the right priorities—those that align with corporate strategy and financial objectives
  • Finding the resources and technology to support those priorities
  • Cannibalizing important growth initiatives under the guise of saving costs

By all accounts, IT spending is on the rise. That’s great news for vendors and customers alike. However, after the economic downturn six years ago, organizations find themselves in a constant tug of war between growth and controlling costs. Two conflicting priorities indeed.

Because the avenues to growth are many and roads to success few, companies need the right process, the right partner and the right technology to enable both more now than ever.

When it comes to sales and operations planning (S&OP), it’s keenly important to understand the connection between strategy, the decision-making process and behaviors that bring strategic vision to life. Add the context of delivering growth in unpredictable circumstances while controlling costs, and you’ve got quite a balancing act on your hands.

On July 15 and 16, Chris Turner, co-founder of StrataBridge, will take some of the tug out of the war during a webinar in which he will discuss S&OP in the context of balancing control vs. growth—with a look at the prospects and pitfalls of balancing global, regional and local planning and decision making.

Please join us for this webinar to learn how to optimize your company’s approach to drive growth, whether you are new to S&OP and demand planning or you are evolving your strategy and process.

Click here to register for the North America session on July 15 at 10amPDT/1pmEDT.

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How do you balance control with growth at your company? Share your challenges and best practices in the comments!