Is Your Sales Pipeline Connected to Your Demand Plan? It Is Now With and Steelwedge!


sales_pipeline_bridge_lpWhat happens when you pair the leading provider of cloud-based sales and operations planning (S&OP) solutions with the enterprise cloud computing leader? Your employees, customers and trading partners get connected in a whole new way.

No one is more enthusiastic about enterprise cloud solutions than we are here at Steelwedge, except perhaps our partner, Steelwedge understands the power of partnership, and that’s why we’re so pleased to be an official ISV partner.

As development and testing of our new solution wraps up (Stay tuned: Sales Pipeline Bridge will be available on the AppExchange in early 2014!) we are preparing our customers for the integrated business planning (IBP) journey of a lifetime.

The Sales Pipeline is the “Missing Link” in Your S&OP Process (view the video here!)

Every company would love to have a scenario where they use a single system that:

  1. Reviews all sales pipeline data
  2. Provides alerts for significant pipeline changes
  3. Systematically manages and links sales, marketing and operations plans

The hard truth, however, remains that most companies have separate and manual tools and processes that put them at risk for inaccurate forecasts, delayed—or worse yet—lost sales, and lost productivity. What they need is a planning tool that enables them to extract, understand and operationally act on the critical information in their sales funnel

Collaboration at its Best

Steelwedge 100% cloud-based S&OP solutions are used by customers across the globe and across industries. Sales Pipeline Bridge enables a new and unparalleled level of S&OP collaboration by incorporating critical sales opportunity information from into the planning process.

After all, who knows better about what—and when—customers will buy than your sales team? No one.   They are your first line of sight into customers and prospects. They know where the opportunities arise, the competitive landscape and what challenges your product can solve.

Sales Pipeline Bridge systematically captures that critical sales opportunity information from, transforming it into a view that is meaningful for Finance, Product Management and Operations alike. Silos? Gone. Fragmented systems? Eliminated.  Better performance and forecast accuracy? Check!

The Final Word

Dynamic, competitive markets have changed the game. We all live with this challenge every day. Our new AppExchange solution will not only keep customers in the game, but help them play to win.

For more information on Sales Pipeline Bridge, click here.

What kinds of challenges do you have connecting your sales pipeline data to your demand plan? Let us know in the comments!