Why Companies are Flocking to Steelwedge Compass Express S&OP


ess S&OP – the first truly integrated S&OP solution available OnDemand (i.e. delivered on a software-as-a-service basis) is quickly being adopted as the corporate standard for sales and operations planning.  Why?  Compass Express is the first truly intuitive, pre-configured and yet powerful purpose-built S&OP solution for manufacturing organizations.

And, what is unique about Compass Express S&OP?  Compass Express incorporates the powerful functions that Steelwedge users have grown to love.  The features include the ability to boot-strap an S&OP process in less than 30 days while offering unlimited configurability, scalability, and usability.  It is a solution that can scale to support real-time planning with over 100 million planning points while at the same time offer out-of-the-box best-practice based reports, templates, metrics nd business rules.  Further, Compass Express offers best-practice workflow templates and performance management.  Best all, Compass Express can be turned-on starting on Day 1!  Then, data can be simply uploaded into the solution by leveraging Steelwedge’s simple but powerful ETL capabilities.   In later stages, of course, data integration and ETL processing can be fully automated.  Full documentation is also included such that users can bootstrap the system immediately.  Online and telephone support and training are also available.

And what’s the bottom line?  Improved profitabilty, lowered inventory levels, improved order fulfillment and more!

For those interested in learning more, Steelwedge offers a Free “Test Drive” of  the  Compass Express solution.  The “Test Drive” enables potential users to quickly get a sense of the power as well as the “look and feel” of the Steelwedge application.

- See more at: http://www.steelwedge.com/blog/why-comanies-are-flocking-to-steelwedge-compass-express-sop.html#sthash.jYksZiCa.dpuf