PlanStreaming™ enables companies who want to be ready to succeed with the cloud-based planning platform for every need across their organization. It’s the foundation for our technology, providing the toolkit to enable you to assimilate information from a wide variety of sources, to cleanse and analyze that data, allowing you to align understanding and expectations across your organization – so that you can be ready to act.

PlanStreaming provides the foundation for our revolutionary technology
How PlanStreaming Works
Five advantages of the PlanStreaming Platform


Advanced technology platform

PlanStreaming provides a comprehensive, cloud-based technology stack to support every role in the organization for Integrated Business Planning.

PlanStreaming is the platform for continuous planning across every role in the organization. It provides the technology to support End-to-End Supply Chain Planning, Sales Planning, Product Planning, and Revenue & Margin Planning, all communicating together for comprehensive Integrated Business Planning.



Comprehensive data cleansing

PlanStreaming provides three levels of comprehensive data cleansing across every facet of planning and forecasting.
The PlanStreaming platform provides three levels of data cleansing to ensure that forecasts across the organization are kept as accurate as possible, providing actionable information from your planning data. 

  1. Data from multiple sources is correlated across dimensions such as location, history or sales channel. 
  2. Data is aggregated or normalized, and our advanced, automated analytics engine dynamically correlates and models via configurable pre-set rules. PlanStreaming is extensible via an API to external systems for further automated data cleansing. 
  3. PlanStreaming incorporates human and algorithmic calibration, including continuous machine learning.


InsightStream™: Actionable analytics

PlanStreaming’s InsightStream analytics engine provides the algorithmic power to each of Steelwedge’s planning solutions.

These include descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive algorithms - all of which are used across solutions to help:

  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • Enable rapid response to changing business needs
  • Reduce stock-outs
  • Improve inventory turns
  • Lower inventory cost
  • Provide end-to-end visibility and decision-making


Design for simple deployment and integration

Steelwedge is designed to easily integrate with your other enterprise and cloud-based systems via industry standards.

PlanStreaming is designed for integration. It provides out-of-the-box integration with, as well as hooks for integating with your ERP of choice. We also provide an app framework for development of custom applications that can leverage and build upon the PlanStreaming ecosystem. 

PlanStreaming features an executive view option that can be used for immediate actions and a continuous planning view so your planners and analysts can keep an eye on things in real-time.



Power of the platform

PlanStreaming maximizes your organization’s ability to plan at the right level, at the optimal time.