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Master Class with Lora Cecere – Integrated Business Planning through Sales and Operations Planning

Why have companies with strong IBP and S&OP
processes done better in today’s economy?

Lora Cecere discusses the business challenges that are driving
IBP-S&OP adoption. Learn why Lora has concluded that companies with strong IBP-S&OP processes and tools are flourishing in today’s economy, and in fact, are able to sense changes in demand five times faster than their competitors. Lora is the founder of Supply Chain Insights and is known as a supply chain visionary who understands technology.

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How Your Business Benefits from S&OP

Why is S&OP of such vital importance to many of
today’s most successful companies?

Tom Wallace was present at the birth of S&OP and has seen firsthand how it has evolved to become a vital management tool for many of today’s most admired companies. The author or co-author of more than a dozen books about S&OP, Tom answers the most essential questions about the S&OP. Learn what Tom thinks every CEO should know about S&OP and why companies are investing in purpose-built S&OP technology to maximize the effectiveness of the process.

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IBP-S&OP Master Class With Blake Johnson

Why do companies need to incorporate supply and
demand uncertainty in their IBP-S&OP process?

Blake Johnson, Ph.D. explains how leading companies overcome the challenge of demand volatility. Learn why Blake encourages leading companies to forecast a range of potential demand so that managers can confidently evaluate trade-offs to achieve the optimal level of supply chain flexibility. A consulting professor at Stanford University, Blake is an internationally recognized expert in the field of supply chain risk and flexibility.

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