S&OP Consulting Services

Guiding Your Integrated
Business Planning Journey

The Proven Steelwedge Technology-Enabled Process Ensures Success

IBP is a journey. Our job is not only to ensure that you arrive at the destination, but also that you benefit from the journey itself. The key to achieving a successful IBP solution is making sure your process is widely adopted, your solution is up and running quickly, and your business is deriving concrete value.

The Steelwedge services team has the knowledge, insights and track record to enable your company to accelerate its journey to effective IBP, achieve its goals and generate a quick return on your investment. The key to it all is our time-tested, technology-enabled process methodology.

Our team of experts will assist you in a planning journey that spans your entire organization, from suppliers to operations, sales, marketing and finance and ultimately to the end customers, making sure your company receives the results you are looking for: on time and on budget.


Big Results. Delivered Quickly.

Why use the Steelwedge Services team to implement your S&OP or IBP project?

We have a vested interest in your success and one goal: to help you rapidly achieve superior, sustainable results through our industry-leading business solutions and best practices.

You’ll benefit from the depth and breadth of our technology-enabled process consulting. With Steelwedge, you can start with a Seven-day test drive of our Compass Express™, a pre-configured S&OP application based on a decade of industry best practices, to see how S&OP automation can work for you. We also have Integrated Planning Assessments and ROI calculators so that you can clearly identify where your business is on its IBP journey and what kind of return you can get by adding Steelwedge to your strategy.

Our cloud-based, collaborative and configurable IBP Platform then ensures quicker implementation and time to value, while accelerating process definition and user adoption. On day one with Steelwedge, we can turn on our cloud platform for you to use as you need: demonstrate, test drive, prototype, validate process concepts, or train. With Steelwedge in the cloud, you can get up, configured and in action in weeks, versus years with on premise software approaches.

Our training and certification services help you ensure that everyone in your organization –from power users to executives– has the skills to maximize collaboration and agile decision-making. And our support is just a click away, as you need it.

Unlike other firms, Steelwedge consultants are S&OP and IBP experts. We have a global consulting team with an unsurpassed knowledge base of real-life S&OP and IBP adoption best practices that can deliver superior and sustainable results.

In fact, Steelwedge is trusted by global organizations ranging from the Fortune 5 to the Global 2000 to create a clear line of sight from plan to performance to profit.

The world’s biggest global manufacturers trust Steelwedge to super charge their IBP journey. You can too.