The Steelwedge Portfolio of Consulting, Training and Support Services


Steelwedge offers planning expertise and end-to-end planning services, including strategic planning, project management, training, technology and implementation services, creating a successful Integrated Business Planning process based on Sales and Operations Planning.

consultingStrategic Process Consulting

Effective, cost-efficient integrated business planning is critical to corporate success. An unpredictable global environment and continuous pricing pressures have combined to trim margins.

Leading companies understand the planning competencies required to support their business strategy and ensure that these capabilities are solidly in place.

Steelwedge IBP strategy consultants help companies realize substantial improvements in their planning processes that drive both the top and bottom lines. Our consultants align the planning process with specific business and market objectives and implement innovations that enable advancements in business strategy.

Steelwedge strategy consultants can assist you in shaping your planning process. Offerings include:

  1. Integrated Planning Assessment - Realize business objectives by creating a blue print for developing specific processes, systems, metrics, and organizational capabilities.
  2. Rapid Implementation Methodology - The rapid implementation methodology leverages the power of a cloud-based S&OP/IBP solution and time-tested best practices to ensure a successful roll-out. The method incorporates and meshes people, process and technology best practices to scope, design, implement, validate and deploy your solution.
  3. Continuous Improvement Program - The Steelwedge continuous improvement program ensures that our customers receive the benefit of closed-loop business process, technology, training, and support services. Maintaining a focus on the broader road map and improvement is critical, as there is not a single organization on earth that can claim to have mastered S&OP on their own.

The Steelwedge Services Overview Datasheet

trainingTraining and Certification Programs

Our educational services power your organization at every step of your Integrated Business Planning journey. From big picture to deep dive, in-person to virtual, or individual to group learning, we have you covered.

Steelwedge training includes: personalized onsite training, e-learning remote training and regional training programs: IBP and S&OP Boot Camp; Advanced S&OP; Collaborative Sales Forecasting Primer; Statistical Forecasting Certification; Demand Planning; and Steelwedge User Training Courses and Certification Program. Our online academy offers training for users and super-users, as often as needed, for a single, subscription-based price.


The Steelwedge Training and Certification Program

customer_supportCustomer Support

The Steelwedge Support Team assures smooth, rapid, effective configuration, integration and adoption. The group brings decades of project management experience, solution design and configuration, and systems integration to each project. The Steelwedge Support Team is there for you 24/7.