Applications for Sales and Production Planning

Open App Architecture

Got a Unique Process?
There’s An App for That!

What if, like with your smart phone, you had apps that solved your unique planning challenges and integrated them right into your planning system of record? Supply chain technology needs to make it “iPhone easy” to identify the impact of new products, new services, new channels, new distribution and logistics, or other changes on the overall business.

With the cloud-based Steelwedge Open App Architecture, you can extend the potential of a single platform that connects your supply, demand and finance data in one system, by developing and uploading your own—or others’ industry best-practice planning apps—right onto the platform.  In addition, Steelwedge has developed a set of plug-and-play Steelwedge S&OP Apps™ designed with your biggest planning needs in mind.


S&OP Open Apps Architecture: Improved Flexibility

pdf-iconS&OP Open App Architecture

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pdf-iconAn App for That: Webinar with Professor Blake Johnson

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