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Demand Planning & Collaboration Software

Today’s volatile business environment, marked by increasing competition and fickle customers, makes predicting demand more difficult than ever. Steelwedge helps manufacturers better anticipate, manage and plan for demand by facilitating collaboration among all key players, which in turn increases visibility and responsiveness.

Demand Management_Demand Planning and Forecasting

Demand Planning & Forecasting – Far too many companies attempt to conduct demand management processes without true organizational alignment within their sales and operations planning (S&OP) process. By engaging multiple business functions–sales, marketing, product management, finance and operations–in a collaborative, consensus forecasting and demand planning process, Steelwedge S&OP Sales goes beyond typical demand planning software by truly bringing the collaboration back into the collaborative demand planning process, providing a low barrier of entry for everyday users with the full power of the Steelwedge cloud for statistics, business process and analytics.

Demand Management_Sales ForecastingSales Forecasting - A sales forecasting process that doesn’t align all related business functions will never lead to optimal business results. Steelwedge empowers you to anticipate, understand and shape customer demand by engaging multiple business functions—sales, marketing, product management, finance and operations—in a collaborative forecasting and demand planning process. You have the ability to generate sales forecasts for all products and key components, including new and end-of-lifecycle products.

Sales & Revenue Planning - Most companies’ sales and revenue plans lack the level of detail and flexibility required to power truly intelligent, agile decision-making. With Steelwedge, all relevant departments of the organization can collaborate on the development of sales and revenue plans as part of the sales and operations planning (S&OP) process, ensuring both accuracy and timely plan execution.

Product Lifecycle Planning (Innovation Cycle) - Organizations are placing increasing prominence on new product introductions (NPI) and end-of-life (EOL) planning, areas often somewhat disengaged in many earlier S&OP efforts. Steelwedge helps you create a clear tie between NPI and EOL strategies, and inventory planning, as well as delivers the tight alignment between demand and supply execution for NPI and EOL effectiveness.