Demand Planning and Forecasting

Drive Dramatically Better Forecasting with Collaborative Demand Management

Anticipating, understanding and influencing customer demand is critical to forecast accuracy. And forecast accuracy translates into a cascade of improvements from service level increases to inventory reductions to improved margins and profitability. Far too many companies, however, attempt to conduct demand management processes without true organizational alignment within their sales and operations planning (S&OP) process.

By engaging multiple business functions–sales, marketing, product management, finance and operations–in a collaborative, consensus forecasting and demand planning process, Steelwedge S&OP Sales goes beyond typical demand planning software by truly bringing the collaboration back into the collaborative demand planning process, providing a low barrier of entry for everyday users with the full power of the Steelwedge cloud for statistics, business process and analytics. Steelwedge enables companies to achieve a credible aggregation of demand, implement a continuous improvement process, and provide a link between the revenue plan and product forecasts.

With Steelwedge S&OP Sales, you can leverage powerful capabilities:

  • Use advanced statistical demand forecasting methods to establish more accurate baseline plan for both finished goods and key components
  • Model and analyze the impact of new product introductions as well as end-of-life ramifications
  • Automatically translate from volume-revenue to product-unit to simultaneously allow your sales teams to forecast on their terms and understand product mix
  • Drive forecasting for complex products and key components with attach-rate forecasting
  • Leverage and complement machine intelligence with human intelligence to better predict high-value/high-variability demand
  • Easily gather key insights from your “on the ground” team by providing intuitive Excel-based templates–a quick, simple way for them to weigh in with their expertise without undue burden
  • Support your sales and operations planning process by evaluating how factors like cannibalization, supersession, pricing and product mix will affect revenue and margin

Steelwedge S&OP Sales keeps you lock step with your S&OP process, creating a consensus demand forecast to drive supply, inventory planning, capacity planning, financial and strategic planning.

And, Steelwedge Sales Pipeline Bridge enables users to systematically capture the sales opportunities in their CRM systems and intelligently filter and transform sales data into a view that is meaningful to finance, product management, operations and executive management. With Steelwedge Sales Pipeline Bridge, companies can align sales pipeline-based and demand history-based forecasts, enabling them to quickly identify and respond to changing market conditions and improve revenue predictability.