Sales Forecasting

Drive Dramatically Improved Sales Forecasting with Collaborative Demand Management

A sales forecasting process that doesn’t align all related business functions will never lead to optimal business results. So why are so many companies conducting sales planning and forecasting in a vacuum? Undoubtedly for many companies the answer is, “Because that’s the way we’ve always done it.” Fortunately, there are far better sales forecasting techniques than disjointed spreadsheets.

Steelwedge S&OP Sales empowers you to anticipate, understand and shape customer demand by engaging multiple business functions—sales, marketing, product management, finance and operations—in a collaborative forecasting and demand planning process. Generate sales forecasts for all products and key components, including new and end-of-lifecycle products. Drive profitability by evaluating how cannibalization, supersession, pricing and product mix will affect revenue and margin. In lock step with your S&OP process, create a consensus demand forecast to drive supply, inventory planning, capacity planning, financial and strategic planning.

Steelwedge supports sales forecasting by allowing users to:

  • Enable collaborative forecasting for sales reps and sales management
  • Power plans at any level of detail
  • Integrate with sales pipeline from CRM through Sales Pipeline Bridge