Sales & Revenue Planning

Increase Visibility and Agility for Bottom-line Benefits

Do your sales and revenue plans contain the level of detail you truly need to run your business effectively? Can you quickly adjust these plans on the fly, as your business requirements change? If not, you’re not alone—many companies struggle to achieve both visibility and agility in their sales planning and revenue planning processes.

With Steelwedge, all relevant departments of the organization can collaborate on the development of sales and revenue plans as part of the sales and operations planning (S&OP) process, ensuring both accuracy and timely plan execution. Steelwedge S&OP Sales enables you to generate sales forecasts for all products and key components, including new and end-of-lifecycle products. You can drive profi­tability in your sales planning process by evaluating how cannibalization, supersession, pricing and product mix will affect revenue and margin.

Steelwedge supports sales and revenue planning by allowing users to:

  • Enable collaborative forecasting for sales reps and sales management
  • Power plans at any level of detail
  • Integrate with sales pipeline from CRM
  • Provide annual operating plan (AOP) visibility as part of S&OP process
  • Track and manage alignment between finance and demand plans
  • Compare top-down annual operating plan and bottom-up revenue plan