Executive Decision Support

Aligned Business Forecasting & Planning

With Steelwedge solutions for executive decision support, companies can achieve internal alignment on forecasting and planning through improved data visibility and enhanced collaboration capabilities—ensuring that every decision is made based upon the best information and the input of key stakeholders.

Executive Decision Support_S&OPSales and Operations Planning (S&OP) – Sales and operations planning (S&OP) is an integrated business process that drives collaboration, focus and alignment across multiple divisions and departments in a company. Steelwedge provides solutions for Executive S&OP, S&OP Sales, S&OP Operations, and S&OP Collaboration.

Executive Decision Support_Integrated Business PlanningIntegrated Business Planning – Economic, political and environmental challenges combined with the growing complexity of global operations have made integrated business planning (IBP) a top corporate priority. Steelwedge IBP solutions are purpose-built to help you move from reacting to anticipating to collaborating around your business impacts and options. And, with the support of deep domain experts on our services team and the evolution of applications on our Integrated Business Planning Platform, we’re with you on your journey to fully integrated business planning.

Executive Decision Support_Business Forecasting and PlanningBusiness Forecasting and Planning - Without solid, accurate information from the sales and operations planning (S&OP) process, manufacturers cannot effectively manage their supply chains and create accurate business plans—and their ability to make smart business decisions is compromised. Steelwedge Executive S&OP drives strategic supply and demand balancing, “what-if” scenario analysis capabilities and reporting, providing the executive management team with the vital data they need to make critical business decisions.

Executive Decision Support_Corporate Strategic PlanningCorporate Strategic Planning - At every company, it can be easy to get caught up in day-to-day efforts and lose sight of high-level business strategy. That’s why it’s critical that all activities connect to the corporate strategic plan. Steelwedge Executive S&OP aligns consensus demand forecasts, constrained supply plans and financial plans to engage C-level stakeholders in the strategic planning process and ensure that critical decisions are data-driven and timely.