Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

Align People, Process, and Technology for Better Decision-Making

Sales and operations planning (S&OP) is an integrated business process that drives collaboration, focus and alignment across multiple divisions and departments in a company. The S&OP process brings together demand plans, financial goals, supply plans, inventory quantities, and new product plans.

Cited by Gartner as the number-one source of inquiry from manufacturers, S&OP best practices enable companies to:

  • Align different teams around a common plan
  • Balance supply and demand
  • Identify discrepancies between planning numbers
  • Improve sales forecasts
  • Reduce the long-term impact of unexpected events

Steelwedge offers S&OP software solutions for:

Executive S&OP—Provide the executive management team with the vital data they need to make critical business decisions through strategic supply and demand balancing, “what-if” scenario analysis capabilities, and reporting.

S&OP Sales—Collaborate, create a consensus plan. Identify changes in sales opportunities, evaluate the impact of mix on profitability, evaluate alternate scenarios and make time-phased adjustments to costs or average selling price assumptions. Make field sales guidance easier to deploy with easy-to-use, Excel-based dashboards. Compare, reconcile and combine different forecasts into a consensus plan that enhances operational effectiveness.

S&OP Operations—Improve global demand forecasts and optimize site-level supply and production plans for upstream functions including operations, logistics and third-party suppliers. Identify capacity imbalances and review aggregate load on critical resources in units and hours. Leverage “what-if” scenario planning to understand the financial impact of demand shifting, capacity adjustments and inventory pre-build so that you can resolve imbalances and influence working capital, asset use and inventory targets.

S&OP Collaboration—Incorporate customers and suppliers in your planning process. Extend your planning process to your partners and customers to provide an outside-in perspective. You can securely share forecast and supply planning assumptions with key partners to dramatically improve everyone’s planning accuracy.