Integrated Demand and Fulfillment Planning

The Integrated Business
Planning Journey

It begins with Steelwedge Sales and Operations Planning

Steelwedge S&OP facilitates collaborative forecasting, demand and supply planning, scenario planning, rough cut capacity planning and unconstrained demand forecasting. An advanced S&OP process makes your organization more agile in dealing with uncertainty and market volatility.

In fact, Steelwedge S&OP solutions are purpose built to help you move from reacting to anticipating to collaborating around your business impacts and options. And, with the support of our deep domain services team and the evolution of applications on our Integrated Business Planning platform, we’re with you on your journey to fully integrated business planning.

Only Steelwedge has the flexibility for supporting all phases of the journey with best practice processes.


The Steelwedge IBP White Paper (PDF)