Sales Pipeline Bridge

sales_pipeline_bridge_lpYour sales force knows better than anyone about what—and when—customers will buy. More often than not, however, this critical information is actually not considered in the formalized demand planning process. While CRM tools like support the sales process, the translation of valuable sales funnel information into meaningful demand planning data remains largely missing.

You need a planning tool that surmounts this hurdle by enabling you to extract, understand, and act on the critical information in your sales funnel. Enter Steelwedge.

The right approach is to consider past sales (via statistical forecasting), current consensus (via formal cross-functional collaboration), and current confidence and sentiment on the pipeline from the sales teams themselves.

Steelwedge Sales Pipeline Bridge (SPB) extends the power of Steelwedge S&OP Sales by systematically capturing the sales opportunities in your customer relationship management (CRM) or Salesforce Automation (SFA) applications and intelligently filtering and transforming sales data into a view that is meaningful to finance, product management and operations. With Steelwedge, companies are able to align sales-pipeline-based and demand-history-based forecasts, and quickly respond to changing market conditions and improve revenue predictability.

With Sales Pipeline Bridge supporting Steelwedge S&OP Sales, you can:

  1. Incorporate multiple business rules to automatically clean, filter and adjust sales pipeline data
  2. Use statistical and regression-based techniques to distinguish true changes in demand signals from pipeline ˝noise˝
  3. Compare different information sources on an equal basis and conduct gap analysis between pipeline-based projections and demand data
  4. View detailed pipeline data from various perspectives and levels of aggregation
  5. Analyze and edit pipeline data from any perspective
  6. Reconcile pipeline-based forecast data with order history, causal data and other data sources
  7. Adjust pipeline opportunity data for forecasting purposes
  8. Highlight demand changes and missed actions according to your business rules
  9. Create integrated email notifications, tasks and calendar entries
  10. Leverage user-definable sales opportunity dashboard and reports with embedded email delivery
  11. Achieve seamless visibility for performance measurement and analysis
  12. Archive automatically all changes to sales pipeline data

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