S&OP Analytics

Good business decisions require good data. Steelwedge sales and operations (S&OP) analytics solutions give manufacturers the insights they need to tie past events to what’s expected to happen in the future, and in turn, weigh multiple options, and make the choices that result in maximum business effectiveness.

S&OP Analytics_Business AnalyticsBusiness Analytics - In order for companies to nimbly make critical business decisions, the sales and operations planning (S&OP) process must provide context from all of the collected data to both forecast future opportunity and analyze it for real-time decision making. Steelwedge S&OP Insight, a series of high-performance business analytics dashboards, delivers actionable intelligence from big data in minutes. It connects the past and the future with technology that drives both forward-looking projection and backward-looking deep-dive analysis.

S&OP Analytics_Mobile ReportingMobile Analytics - Get clear insight and actionable information without all the clutter and frustration of traditional enterprise software. The Steelwedge Insight mobile app runs on a configurable cloud platform that easily adapts as your needs change. You can perform critical S&OP functions on an iOS device with just a few taps of your finger. Transactions can be carried out on these wireless devices at the point of use, offering real-time transaction processing, improved data accuracy and increased mobility and convenience.

S&OP Analytics_Telescopic PlanningTelescopic Planning - Planning granularity needs can change by the user’s function. Telescopic planning enables users to plan in different time granularities and periodicities. Depending on the planning function (finance plan versus production plan) or time fence (short-term/mix or longer-term/volume), the Steelwedge system allows planning views with different time granularities. It enables weekly planning for near-term and monthly planning for longer-term horizon, as well as automatic aggregation and disaggregation into and out of the telescopic horizon.

S&OP Analytics_What if Scenario PlanningWhat-If Scenario Planning - The ability to identify the risk and impact of plan deviations is priceless. Scenario planning is the ability to simulate and compare various business scenario options, and orchestrate desired business outcomes. Leveraging reliable “what-if” scenario modeling, Steelwedge provides a single view of your business and enables you to pinpoint the business and financial impact of supply/demand trade-off decisions. Steelwedge scenario analysis software delivers rapid interactive simulation, what-if scenarios, analysis and comparison to support demand and supply balancing, S&OP, and financial plan alignment.