Mobile Analytics

Real-time Business Intelligence on Your Mobile Device

Get clear insight and actionable information without all the clutter and frustration of traditional enterprise software.

The Steelwedge Insight mobile app runs on a configurable cloud platform that easily adapts as your needs change. You can perform critical S&OP functions with just a few taps of your finger. Easy to use. Easy to configure. Easy to deploy.

Steelwedge Insight Mobile enables users to perform mobile business intelligence, analytics, and reporting functions through an iOS device. Transactions can be carried out on these wireless devices at the point of use, offering real-time transaction processing, improved data accuracy and increased mobility and convenience. Insight Mobile is a part of the S&OP Insight Module, an integrated set of business applications that delivers a complete solution for all your S&OP needs from forecasting to demand planning and supply balancing. Steelwedge mobile analytics help you make more informed decisions and improve your business operations while reducing expenses.

Insight Mobile accesses cloud data and allows users to view this data on preconfigured dashboards on their mobile device.

Benefits Summary:

  • Right Information at the Right Time: Steelwedge Insight Mobile helps the mobile users to make strategic business decisions based on the right information at the right time—all in the palm of their hand.
  • Higher Productivity: Steelwedge Insight Mobile gives you up-to-date information about your business, ensuring decisions impacting deliverables can be made at the right time.
  • On-the-Go Updates: Steelwedge Insight Mobile allows your On-the-Go users to stay updated and get quick and deeper insight on your business anywhere, anytime. This extends the ability to speed up decisions by providing interactive visual analytics with critical information to users in the field.
  • Competitive Edge: Steelwedge Insight Mobile makes your organization more responsive and flexible with visual analytics that help you adapt your business in real time. Steelwedge Insight Mobile empowers your business to be more agile.
  • Visual Edge: Steelwedge Insight Mobile ensures your business data is represented in stunning, interactive visualizations that are easy to analyze and interact with. It is as user-friendly as your favorite smartphone apps.
  • Global Connect: Steelwedge Insight Mobile assimilates your global customer data, lets you visualize the data and helps you connect to your customer needs globally.
  • Planning Analytics: Steelwedge designed Insight Mobile as part and parcel of the planning analytics theory—you can now plan your big data based on the mobile analytics at real time.