Telescopic Planning

Choosing Telescopic Horizons by Planning Views or Functions

Telescopic planning enables users to have planning in different time granularities and periodicities. Depending on the planning function (finance plan versus production plan) or time fence (short-term/mix or longer-term/volume), the system allows planning views with different time granularities.

Planning granularity can change by the user’s function. An operations plan might need to be more detailed compared to a promotions or other marketing plan. Telescopic planning enables choosing telescopic horizons by planning views or functions. Short-term planning might need a higher level of detail. Telescopic planning gives a higher level of detail for the near future (e.g. weekly planning for immediate future periods). Split ratio is used for disaggregation of planning data from month to week during round-offs.


  • Enables weekly planning for near-term and monthly, quarterly, and yearly planning for longer-term horizon.
  • Provides weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly planning buckets within a same template.
  • Enables role-specific planning granularity, horizons and summary columns.
  • Enables automatic aggregation and disaggregation into and out of the telescopic horizon.
  • Configured through Steelwedge Service Delivery Platform.