Inventory Planning

Close Inventory Plan Gaps and Assess the Impact of Changes

Realizing value from any S&OP program requires alignment among inventory, production and finance plans. Supply gaps and excesses are difficult to spot when demand and supply plans reside in different systems and at different levels of detail. Exploring options to close plan gaps and assessing the impact of plan changes is even more difficult—and often outdated—before it’s done.

Inventory planning is especially challenging in this context where network inventory forecasting is based on ever-changing demand, production, target service and inventory levels. A balanced plan requires assessment of plan gaps, exploring the impact of resolution options and ultimately providing scenarios for executive approval. Alignment with execution systems is also critical for success and requires that both planning and operational systems are driven by the same inventory policies and parameters.

Steelwedge S&OP Operations provides centralized inventory planning across the entire systems landscape for the mid- to long-term planning horizon. It enables users to:

  • Create a single plan for network inventory based on the demand plan, supply plan and inventory policy.
  • Establish and maintain segmentation-based policies and service-level-based parameters.
  • Evaluate “what-if” scenarios for inventory build-up opportunities and the influence on inventory targets and working capital.
  • Conduct inventory forecasting in units, cost and by inventory investment.