Power Your Agile Enterprise:
Steelwedge New Solution Release

Improved Flexibility. Faster Analysis. Big Data Performance.
Accelerated S&OP Value.


Auto Upgrade: Accelerated S&OP Value

The challenges companies face today are daunting. A virtual explosion of IT system data and the interdependencies of global business have created complex demand and supply networks that render traditional planning approaches obsolete. To address these challenges, Steelwedge has designed its latest product release—which is auto-upgradable to ensure you get the maximum value with the minimum effort—to power smarter, faster business planning in three ways:



S&OP Open Apps Architecture: Improved Flexibility

S&OP Open Apps Architecture: Improved Flexibility

  1. Drive your own processes with new open apps architecture

Many company processes are unique to their business and therefore often “orphaned” from a central planning system.  Our new Open Apps Architecture allows customers and partners to develop their own apps that can easily by powered with data from our system. We also offer supply planning apps we’ve created in response to customer demand.

pdf-iconS&OP Open App Architecture

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S&OP Insight: Planning Analytics

S&OP Insight: Planning Analytics

  1. Deliver fast analysis of your changing business—on iPad, web or through Excel

Changes in plan don’t wait for days or even hours-long analysis. Neither should you. Our new planning analytics engine, Steelwedge S&OP Insight, delivers actionable intelligence from big business data in a few minutes, so our customers can make informed decisions at the speed of business.

pdf-iconS&OP Insight

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big data performance thumb

Faster Performance
with Big Data enabled infrastructure

  1. Get faster performance with big data enabled infrastructure.

Our customers have millions of SKUs and even more details they need to track, to accurately manage their businesses. We put our investments in cutting-edge technologies right in our cloud infrastructure for easy, inexpensive access to massive performance.


Hear how Steelwedge is delivering planning insight

See Insight in Action

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