Steelwedge Forecasting Analytics and Modeling Solutions Power MetroPCS Sales and Promotions

Prior to partnering with Steelwedge, MetroPCS’s demand planning and forecasting efforts were time intensive, seldom providing accurate or actionable data.  As the team at MetroPCS knew all too well, correct product data was fundamental to their business growth and success.  After adopting Steelwedge, MetroPCS noticed tangible improvements and immediate results.
Steelwedge powers data-driven demand planning in a more accurate, faster manner.  MetroPCS was able to formalize IT and data collection processes while strengthening workfolow standards.  With Steelwedge, MetroPCS identified key business insights that were invaluable and surprised executives.  With a simple cloud-based implementation and strong user interface, Steelwegde drives new efficiencies for MetroPCS.