GoPro Captures a Single Source of Truth with S&OP Technology


Featured Presenters:

Jennifer Ubamos, Senior Sales Process Manager, GoPro
Ed Lewis, VP, Product Marketing and Planning, Steelwedge

GoPro, the leading manufacturer of action cameras, faced challenges in its sales and operations planning (S&OP) processes that many companies face: dynamics such as supply constraints, manual spreadsheet usage, and long lead times created an environment in which there were various—and often inaccurate—interpretations of plans and forecasts. This wasn’t acceptable for a company growing as rapidly as GoPro. So they implemented a S&OP technology to enable their forecasting and planning process with the ultimate goal of achieving a single source of truth from which the entire company could base its decision-making processes.

During this webinar, Jennifer Ubamos will discuss how GoPro defined and overcame the challenges, and as a result, achieved benefits including:

  • Improved Revenue Predictability
  • Improved New Product Introduction (NPI/EOL) process
  • Increased Forecast Accuracy by 18% (first quarter) and 21% (second quarter)
  • Shortened Planning Cycles – 1 quarter to 1 month
  • Organized opportunity management for fluctuating supply and demand trends
  • Balanced Demand and Supply across all planning hierarchies

Join us to learn how with the right technology, GoPro Planned its growth accurately, Dedicated resources effectively, Prepared for changes proactively and Analyzed data insightfully.

Recorded, June 17th, 2014