A Practitioner’s Guide to Successful S&OP and Demand Management


Featured Presenter:
Seema Phull, Partner, NorthFind Partners

Many companies that have become “best-in-class” at S&OP have something in common: they have implemented successful strategies and tactics for building and securing approval for their S&OP technology business case. Learn firsthand from leading experts how to take you and your company to S&OP and integrated business planning (IBP) success.

Register today and hear experienced practitioners who will share with you:

  1. Why so many S&OP initiatives fail?
  2. How to get started with S&OP and how to sustain success?
  3. What’s the power of proven S&OP processes and technology?
  4. How to remove barriers to S&OP success?
  5. What works and what doesn’t

Please join us in this webinar. It will move your S&OP knowledge, expertise and project forward on your journey to best-in-class success.