Taking Stock: Are Your S&OP Leadership Skills Agile Enough?


Good news/bad news in Sales & Operations this year:  S&OP has become a top priority for most manufacturing companies; however, too many businesses are still floundering on how to make S&OP work.  While collaboration is at the heart of effective S&OP, creating more meetings is not the solution.  Nor is a rigid pursuit of “the perfect forecast,” or an attempt to ensure control over the supply chain.  Today, the best business plans are the most agile ones, able to adapt to the marketplace.  Therefore, the best S&OP leaders also need to be more agile in how they approach their company’s consensus planning.

So, as you take stock of your business planning priorities for 2013, it’s a good time to also ensure your leadership skills are updated, strong and flexible enough to drive growth in whatever environment the New Year serves up.

In this one hour interactive webinar, acclaimed industry counselor, Tom Wallace, will share his perspective on a checklist of skills the most successful S&OP leaders will need in 2013 to get and keep better agility in their businesses, including:

  1. Align the company’s people so that they moving together and in the right direction
  2. Look out into the future for 6 to 12 to 18 months with confidence
  3. Remember that S&OP is not just about solving problems; it’s also about identifying opportunities

Taking Stock: Are Your S&OP Leadership Skills Agile Enough? from Steelwedge Software