Steelwedge integrated sales, operations and finance planning solutions provide the “shock absorbers” to recognize, recalibrate and respond in a volatile environment. Business agility and resiliency start with Steelwedge for a clear line of sight from plan to performance to profit.

  • Collaborative planning solutions to support and improve an agile business process: linking the company, its customers and partners.
  • A single platform for Integrated Business Planning: powerful tools for a single, actionable view of sales, operations and finance information.
  • Cloud-based technology: ensures speed, elasticity and value.
  • Steelwedge customers ROI includes 70% greater efficiency, 5% margin lift, 30% better forecast accuracy, 25% greater customer service and 15% less inventory costs.

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The Steelwedge cloud-based integrated business planning (IBP) platform powers better business agility with real-time “what-if” scenario planning and modeling, business analytics and reporting. Companies at all stages of sales and operations planning (S&OP) rely on Steelwedge technology and deep domain expertise to support their journey to link business strategy and operations.

End Spreadsheet Confusion. While SCM, ERP and CRM systems have improved efficiencies, these systems were not designed to work together. In fact, they contribute to a sea of siloed big data, that large organizations are increasingly challenged to cut through. So, most companies default to a collection of disparate spreadsheets for executive-level planning. Yet, spreadsheets lack the data management, analytics and process automation needed to reconcile and align functional plans to create one view and drive effective executive decision-making.

Collaborative Planning Gets Results. C-level executives depend on Steelwedge for sales forecasting and planning, consensus forecasting, balancing demand and supply planning, “what-if” modeling, rough-cut scenario planning, connecting S&OP with financial planning and measuring performance against revenue and customer service targets. Integrated Business Planning pays: most customers save $5-$10 million per $1 billion in revenues.

Steelwedge Solutions, Services and Best Practices Drive Time to Value. Based on recognized industry S&OP best practices, the Steelwedge IBP Platform is backed by Executive S&OPS&OP SalesS&OP Operations and S&OP Collaboration. Steelwedge Services include an Integrated Business Planning Assessment, Strategic Consulting, Business Planning Improvement, Steelwedge University, Technology Implementation and Outsourced Planning Services.