Founded in 2000, Steelwedge pioneered and leads the market for integrated business planning solutions, uniting demand, supply and financial forecasts for a clear line of sight from plan to performance to profit. Leading global enterprises trust Steelwedge’s cloud-based solution to deliver ”what-if” scenario modeling and real-time insight on supply-demand trade-offs they need to compete in today’s highly competitive, complex and volatile global business environment.

The Steelwedge Vision:

Become the dominant global provider of integrated business planning solutions.

The Steelwedge Mission:

Improve the way global businesses plan, perform and profit in a volatile, interdependent business environment.

The Steelwedge Sustainability Goal:

To reduce carbon output by 100 Million tons by 2017 by enabling our customers to make better business planning, production and distribution decisions.

The Business Challenge

Navigating the challenges of increasingly complex operations awash in a sea of big data, today’s global enterprise is simultaneously being deluged with in a torrent of economic, political and environmental volatility.

The reality: even though systems such as CRM, SCM, ERP, BI and Finance automate their respective functions, very few organizations can harmonize sales, operations and financial information into a single view. Without this unified visibility, when unplanned events wreak havoc on demand and/or supply plans, most companies aren’t agile enough to nimbly adjust their business plans to stay on track for planned profits.

The Steelwedge Solution

Steelwedge, like our name, is a powerful, yet simple tool.

Our proven technology and consulting solutions supercharge complex collaborative planning processes to balance demand and supply, and enable dynamic scenario planning: connecting operations with business strategy and financial performance.

S&OP Solutions from Steelwedge